Take care of our native animals
Don’t feed any animals in the wild and don’t attempt to touch them either.  Animals thrive when they’re left to their own devices, instincts and natural environment. Use your camera zoom, keep your distance and avoid noise pollution and please help us keep our wildlife wild by not feeding them.

Reduce your footprint
Respect the beach, parks and picnic areas by not leaving any rubbish or food.

Respect Aboriginal Culture
Aboriginal groups have lived in Australia for some 40,000 years depending on wild animals, plant roots and fresh water sources to survive. These communities were often semi-nomadic, with each tribe developing and adapting fishing, hunting and gathering techniques within a chosen territory, whilst many of the rivers and land areas were considered sacred places, holding great spiritual significance.Respect sacred Aboriginal sites and signs relating to entering Aboriginal land.
Also, don’t expect all Aboriginal people to be able to use English as their native tongue.  Don’t touch rock paintings or think about inscribing your own. Don’t take anything from sacred sites including stones, shells or sticks.

COVID Safe Travel
Trip-planning during this time might be a bit more complicated than usual, but staying savvy and informed is key to a hassle-free trip. You can stay up-to-date on the most current travel restriction by visiting Tourism Australia’s website