Undara Experience

Undara is the place to explore geological wonders, enjoy the comforts and hospitality of a unique outback setting where the local wildlife are as abundant, as they are at home, in their natural surroundings.

Undara Experience delivers the essence of the Australian Outback. From natural landscapes of rolling savannah plains and ancient lava tubes, to the warmth and hospitality of your hosts and the variety of flora and fauna. Every day begins with bird songs and ends with a golden sunset. In between, there’s a wealth of things for you to experience, catering to people of all ages and abilities.

Undara Experience is situated on the edge of the Undara Volcanic National Park, 275km south-west of Cairns. Highly trained Savannah Guides conduct tours of the incredible lava tubes. Unique accommodation and homestyle meals available.

Phone: (07) 4097 1900

Address:  Undara National Park, Mount Surprise

Website: www.undara.com.au

Undara Experience