The Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves will rock your world!

René Boissevain is a man with a passion. He has spent a lifetime travelling to every corner of the world to collect natural crystals and prehistoric fossils. He invites you to share in this passion by taking the self-guided tour of his man made cave.

Self-Guided Tours

  • Explore man-made tunnels and grottos
  • Touch, engage and experience our displays
  • Over 600 International specimens
  • Accessible for all ages
  • Will exceed your expectation

Crack a Geode

You will be the first person to see the crystals that grew inside a volcanic bubble 44 million years ago when you crack open your own geode to keep.

Learn to identify the natural crystals inside the geode that you selected with the help of one of our expert staff.

Gift Shop

Discover unique gifts, jewellery and homewares using only natural crystals, gemstones and fossils, in Crystal Caves’ own gift shop and jewellery store.  


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Address: 69 Main Street, Atherton 


The Crystal Caves