Talaroo Hot Springs

Talaroo Hot Springs unite one of outback Queensland’s most extraordinary geological wonders with the unique cultural experiences of the Ewamian people.

 The Talaroo Hot Springs experience includes a caravan park, campground and cafe, guided boardwalk tours of the Springs and private soaking pools. Overnight visitors are also invited to share stories with Ewamian people around the dancing flames of the firepit at the nightly Yarning Circle.

The Hot Springs are 65 million years old and their physical and spiritual connection with the Ewamian Aboriginal community goes back millennia. Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation is the proud owner and operator of Talaroo Hot Springs and welcomes visitors to experience Ewamian hospitality and a deeper form of reconciliation between people, culture and place.

Journey time from Cairns by road is four and a half hours and Talaroo is accessible to conventional vehicles and caravans.

Phone:  +61 45679 3764

Address:  Talaroo Hot Springs,  Savannah Way, (Gulf Development Road), Mt Surprise (38 klms west of Mount Surprise),

Website: https://www.talaroo.com.au/ 

Talaroo Hot Springs