Croydon in the heart of the Gulf Savannah, on the Savannah Way, a town with a big history that started with the discovery of gold in 1885.


Considered the Heritage Capital of the Gulf, Croydon has a rich history which started with the discovery of Gold in 1885 and led to the development of a rich, booming gold mining town. In its heyday, it was the third largest town in northern Queensland and serviced a goldfield that extended for 18km and produced 23,675kg of gold over 35 years. Today Croydon still glows from the dust of its feverish gold-mining days while it sits on top of deep untapped gold reserves.

The Historic Gulflander Train travels to the award winning steel replica Croydon Station weekly on revolutionary, heritage listed steel sleepers. It overnights in Croydon on Wednesdays, and returns to Normanton the next day.

Croydon Tracks

Lake Belmore

Croydon Mining Museum

True Blue Visitor Centre