Savannah Way Limited

Why join Savannah Way Limited?

There is not a business, professional service or commercial operation on or near the drive route of The Savannah Way  that does not ultimately receive some benefit contributed to the local economy by tourism.

Membership with Savannah Way Limited means you will:

  • Raise your business visibility, particularly through digital marketing
  • Enjoy economic benefits
  • Have access to marketing and business development tools
  • Develop knowledge and expertise
  • Increase your industry contacts
  • Be involved in special projects, policy and the strategic direction of the promotion of The Savannah Way.



Membership Categories

Tourism Supporter ($100.00 pa) – Best suited for individuals, sole traders and any non-tourism businesses that benefit from a sustainable and strong tourism economy.

Bronze Member ($200.00 pa) – Best suited for operators new to tourism and directly benefit from the tourism industry.

Silver Member ($500.00 pa) – Best suited for tourism operators that have more than 1 product/business and wish for increased exposure.

Gold Member ($900.00 pa) – Leaders in tourism development and visitor experience.


Membership year runs from July 1st to June 30.

Prices are excluding GST.